Ronny Dwairy

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Ronny’s destiny was set to innovate the Oil and Gas Industry. Ronny graduated from Deer Park High School near the “Birthplace of Texas” where he was proudly influenced to become musically versatile, a South Texas Rancher and an Oilman.

During his early years, Ronny worked multiple jobs while attending high school. From those humble beginnings, at the young age of 17, he became a serial entrepreneur diversifying into business ventures such as real estate housing projects, financial lending and trucking logistics. “The challenge and learning experience is great, but I love to plant a seed and watch it grow.”

Under the leadership of his father, Gus Dwairy, who started the Bestway family of companies in 1974, Ronny joined Bestway Oilfield Equipment International, a small equipment company, to start his career in the energy sector by selling used wellhead components. During this period, Ronny focused on furthering his education to experience multiple facets of the Oil and Gas industry. “It is a great time for me; my father is the catalyst to my success. Through his direction I have the abilities to take advantage of this growing industry and meet influential people.”

In October of 2010, Ronny and Gus, created Bestway Oilfield, Inc., as a solely family owned and operated business, to supply specialized surface equipment to the Oil and Gas Industry. Today, Bestway Oilfield has grown to be the largest supplier of specialized API 6A and 16A products. As a young, tenacious, and ambitious man, Ronny strives to continually enhance and advance the energy industry.

Today, Ronny is a slightly-seasoned entrepreneur who is passionate about people, purpose and giving back. Ronny is a member of the Texas Association of Business, the Northshore Rotary Club and the North Channel Chamber of Commerce.

Gus Dwairy

Born in Nazareth in 1951, Gus immigrated to Houston, Texas in 1969 to attend college.  As a physics graduate of the University of Houston, Gus started the Bestway family of companies and the “Dwairy brand” in 1974, which spanned a number of different businesses including newspaper, trucking, insulation, retail, and banking.


Gus’s life experience mirrors what Texas is famous for—longhorns, spindle-top, and NASA.  A truly “Texanized” Gus developed working ranches for cattle, horses, and wild game in South Texas (  He also invested in thousands of surface and mineral acres, started an oil and gas company, and even flew planes.  In the late 1980’s, Gus’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive led to ventures in the oilfield industry, and he founded Bestway Oilfield Equipment International.


As a fiscal conservative, Gus watched others “live today on tomorrow’s money—borrowing and spending the credit card way.”  He cautiously insisted on saving and investing.  With the ultimate capitalist conviction—believing adamantly in hard work—Gus’s pioneer spirit fueled his desire to embrace the American way of life with gusto.


In the early 2000’s, Gus’s youngest son, Ronny Dwairy, who Gus calls the “Natural Texas Oilman,” joined Bestway Oilfield Equipment International, which was a small equipment company specializing in used wellhead components.  In 2010, Gus and Ronny officially partnered and launched Bestway Oilfield, Inc.  This partnership fulfilled “a father’s dream” of cultivating the Dwairy brand and commitment to excellence with his son.  With Gus’s knowledge and experience as an initial foundation, and under the leadership of the second generation, Bestway transformed from humble beginnings to the largest supplier of specialized drilling and fracturing equipment—proudly servicing Texas, the nation and the World.


His business achievements are complimented by his personal accomplishments.  Gus is a loving husband and proud father of three children—Adeeb (Doctor of Medicine specializing in Gastroenterology), Amber (Doctor of Pharmacy), and Ronny (President and CEO of Bestway Oilfield).  The “socially compassionate” Dwairys devote countless time and money to human rights issues, church fundraisers, and university scholarships.  In their quest to fulfill and live the American dream, the Dwairys are proud of their successes, enjoy the moments, and enthusiastically look towards the future—“The good ole’ days are today.”

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