Chemical Injection Smart Trailer

The Absolute control Chemical injection unit is designed to monitor, control and log the amounts of chemical used in completion operations. The system allows a user to select the amount of chemical to pump and where to send it, taking the guesswork and human error out of measuring and recording chemical use. The system can be configured for batch pumping or injection pumping.


  • Monitor up to 4 chemical tote levels in inches and gallons
  • Pump specific volume of each chemical
  • Record and log amount pumped
  • Monitor chemical flow path
  • High and low alarms on all data points
  • Hydraulic distribution manifold block
  • Monitor mixing tank volumes and viscosity in real time
  • HMI/PLC controls and data acquisition
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular/Satellite communications available
  • Data logging
  • Pressure, Temperature, Tank level, and Real time flowrate monitoring

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