Command Center

The Absolute Control Command Center allows your personnel to operate the surface equipment at a safe distance in a climate-controlled cabin. The units have the ability to operate six hydraulic chokes and eight hydraulic valves while being capable of maintaining stored hydraulic pressure for emergency use. Our operating systems are designed to operate via either of the two primary hydraulic pumps and a manual hydraulic pump as a preventative measure.


  • The design allows for the hydraulic equipment to be operated from one location
  • Automatic or manual pump modes
  • Auto mode ensures the system maintains stored pressure
  • Auto mode also shuts off the pump system to limit run time
  • Equipped to operate eight valves
  • Equipped to operate six chokes
  • Allows for the equipment to be controlled at a safe distance
  • Reduces the dangers of working near pressurized equipment
  • System is equipped with a backup hand pump for emergency operating measures
  • Large access hatch to allow for easy maintenance
  • Easy access regulators for hydraulic pressure adjustments
  • Hydraulic line bleed off valves located on panel face for easy access
  • Choke speed adjust valves located on panel face per pair
  • Accumulator system for stored pressure

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