Control Master Hydraulic Piston Choke

The model CM is an extreme duty hydraulic choke designed with field maintenance in mind.


  • Piston actuator – provides fast movement for pressure manipulation.
  • Quick removal actuator.
  • 2” trim size, tungsten carbide
  • Piston actuator can be modified to a worm gear.
  • Reversible gate and seat.
  • Solid 2” tungsten carbide gate and seat–patented design provides maximum erosion resistance.
  • Pressure balanced gate – reduces operating force.
  • Downstream wear sleeve – extended-length solid tungsten carbide seat provides wear protection on the body.
  • Large buffer cavity – slows velocity and distributes the impact of solids.
  • Bleeder port to relieve pressure from choke body prior to bonnet removal for inspection or maintenance.
  • Full-rated working pressure throttling capability.
  • Exceeds ANSI Class V drop tight seat seal shut off.

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